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MonogusaDiary regularly records the location information.And, MonogusaDiary automatically makes the diary.Of course, MonogusaDiary can be used also as an ordinary diary.
The cycle when the location information is recorded can be set.The diary is automatically made at the end of a day. (23:50)
"I do not follow easily though I want to write the diary!"MonogusaDiary becomes your ghostwriter.
The difference between Free Version and Paid-for Version
Paid-for version is/has…- available to attach a photograph- available to write down maximum 3 diary entries per day- available to use pictograms- available to protect by means of a password- available to display a list of diaries according to the marks- available to store the backups to SD card for the diary and the footprint function- no advertisement display
- MonogusaDiaryPlus can inherit the contents of a diary of MonogusaDiary. Moreover, data is inheritable by backing up on SD card at the time of model conversion, etc.
***** Attention *****
- Please make GPS or the network effective.(The location information is not recorded in case of both invalidities.)
- When network connection is invalid, the location information becomes "Uncertain place".
- It can not get the exact location.